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Welcome to 365 Mindful Days Community, a peer-based learning community teaching life skills necessary for academic success. As busy students you have a lot on your plates. Learning how to practice well-being on a daily basis will enable you to THRIVE.

365 Mindful Days Community is your personalized online space to explore, connect and find the support you need to flourish in your studies and beyond.

Meet like-minded students, learn how to build healthy habits and prioritize YOU.

Once you join, you'll have immediate access to a TON of fun resources including our signature 365: JUMPSTART PROGRAM and mini-mindfulness course that will teach you how to FOCUS your attention through the practice of meditation.

Join us for 365: WEEKLY PREP hosted LIVE every Sunday afternoon! Plan a productive week in 30 minutes that includes prioritizing YOU.

365 provides support, structure + accountability on a weekly basis by sharing:

  • Monday focus
  • Wednesday check-in
  • Friday wins!

Together we support one another in the journey and celebrate our accomplishments along the way. The Mighty Networks app makes checking in and accessing resources super easy.

Welcome Trio community - get the support you need to thrive!

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