Learn 3 KEY HABITS to thrive as TRIO/McNair scholars.

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What is 365 Mindful Days Community?

We bring together TRIO/McNair scholars to build community around discovering how to take care so you can thrive and flourish in school and beyond.

The Results You'll Get

We're focused on helping you feel your best so you can do your best.

Become a member of 365 Mindful Days Community and:

  • Learn how to prioritize YOU.
  • Learn how to train your brain to focus.
  • Meet fellow TRIO/McNair scholars around the country also pursuing their dreams!

When You Join Today ✨

You’ll learn 3 KEY HABITS that will become your foundation of well-being for the semester:

  1. Setting an intention for your week (MONDAYS)
  2. Doing a midweek check-in with yourself (WEDNESDAYS)
  3. Practicing gratitude + celebrating your wins (FRIDAYS)

That's it. It might sound pretty simple, but when you practice these three habits on a regular basis, with TRIO family on a similar path as you, you become unstoppable. 

It's where the magic happens. It's when you realize you have more choice in the matter than you might think right now.

It means learning how to give yourself permission to put yourself on your own plate.

We're here to teach you how to prioritize your well-being and build a foundation of strength from which you can achieve ALL your goals.

We need you to take care so that you can do all of the amazing things you set out to do. We need your voices at the table. We know you can do this.

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We're so happy you're here. Excited for you to take this next step! ✨

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